5 ToDos for Getting Ready to Send Your Kid Off to College

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Although we’d like to think it is still mid-summer, if you have a college student about to settle into the campus life, then you are probably already making lists and checking them twice. Here are a few must haves on our College-Ready List.

The really uncomfortable part of dorm life is not actually the desk chair or the bed, it is sharing a small space with a total stranger. Since you can’t do anything about that part, you can at very least make the rest of the room comfortable. There is the classic egg crate pad for the mattress or you can head to Target and pick up one of the new Casper pads. It is probably wishful thinking but maybe having the Casper Lounger in the dorm will provide a spot other than the bed for “friends” to sit when they are visiting your son or daughter.

Don’t stress where all those important papers are. Health forms (including all the vaccination dates), passports, drivers license, Student ID information and whatever other forms you want to have at home and at college should all be scanned. We use TurboScan for everything from favorite recipes to medical forms.

You’ll want your students to be studying hard but in between they will need time to relax. Gone are the days of all gathering around the tv in the lounge to watch “Must See TV” all piled together on the couch with no pause, fast-forward or record options. In the age of Netflix and chill, not only will you want to discuss parameters of the chill part with your independent college student, but you’ll also want them to have the flexibility to watch their shows after they finish up studying, their workout at the gym, or time slot at the pottery studio. Set them up to access Netflix in the dorms, or get a FireStick so they can access Amazon Video, which brings us to the next item.

Amazon Prime is something we use on a regular basis, often more than once a day. Instead of having to pop into the school store and pay a fortune for new batteries, a charger, a water bottle or whatever other essentials were forgotten at home or lost somewhere, have them order on Amazon. They can also have access to Amazon Video and Amazon Music among other things.

This one you can keep as a surprise. Sign your college student up to receive a monthly box just as a little reminder that you love them and that you are still there for them. Check out the Urth Box for some tasty healthy treats. Hamptons Lane is great for the student who has a kitchen and likes to cook. Tea drinkers will love an Simplicity Teas subscription. If healthy habits never really came naturally to your teen then maybe a Get Quip subscription is the nudge they’ll need in college. For your student who likes to unwind with a little spa or beauty treatment there is the Julep Maven box, Birchbox, and Yuzen.

At the end of the school year, participating local area colleges collect gently used dorm supplies and Grad Bag‘s team of volunteers clean them up. In August, the supplies (everything from comforters to surge protectors) are redistributed to first generation college students working with Let’s Get Ready. Visit Grad Bag’s web site for more information on how to donate.

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